About us

The law firm of avvocato Francesco Chiarappa, with offices in Bari and Milan, carries out its activity in the sector of civil law with specific reference to civil liability as well as commercial and corporate law.

In the sector of corporate law, the law firm advises non resident clients (individuals or companies) in finding the best legal scheme for the setting up of their business, taking care of the preparation of the relevant contractual structure such as letter of intent, shareholders' agreement, supply agreements, EPC and O&M agreements and other contracts relevant to the business.

The law firm of avvocato Chiarappa regularly advises resident and non resident overseas clients assuring legal assistance with reference to immigration, family, real estate, heritage, contract and litigation matters that involve the Italian law.

Avvocato Chiarappa grants to his foreigner clients the same assistance as if they were in the respective country. In order to do that we aim at achieving the clearest degree of transparency and understanding in favor of our clients and guarantee the best care for their legal case.

Francesco has also advised non-resident clients, British, US and Russian citizens, for the sale and purchase of houses, villas, properties and real estate complexes located in Italy.

Through a large network of lawyers operating in all Italian regions, the law firm carries out its activity in the whole territory of Italy.

The law firm also carries out activity of translation of legal documents in English and Russian languages.

Feel free to contact us for any information you need at by email at or by phone at + 39 080/8807392.


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